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CPD: The Main Principles of Physical Security

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Explore the fundamental principles of physical security in HS Security’s new RIBA accredited CPD Presentation. Our presentation provides you with all the information you need to develop a successful security scheme.

What you will learn in the CPD Presentation?

HS Security EngineeringIn our RIBA accredited CPD Presentation you will learn –

  • The history of hostile vehicle mitigation attacks to help understand how the industry has developed.
  • The importance of product positioning and stand-off to mitigate and reduce the impact of a potential vehicular attack.
  • Understanding all threats mitigated by physical security products when protecting critical national infrastructure (CNI).
  • Understanding the different measures which can be used to protect people and CNI.
  • Learning about certification standards used to ensure products utilised for physical security are fit for purpose.

Our Background In Security

HS Security is a division of Hill of Smith PLC; made up of seven companies, all specialising in highly advanced, physical security solutions for both temporary and permanent requirements. The real power behind HS Security is an extensive, third party accredited product portfolio delivered by award-winning engineers. HS Security’s wealth of security sector experience spans over two decades and is unique to the industry.

*Due to the sensitive nature of the content within this CPD Presentation, we are only able to accept requests from professionals associated with the security industry.



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    Niall Griffin

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    Starting out in 1988 in conference policing, Niall has worked in the policing and temporary security sector for over 30 years. Bringing with him, extensive experience from a multitude of different perspectives and disciplines including as a Counter Terrorism Security Co-Ordinator for the Sussex Police. Now part of the HS Security team and the General Manager of Hardstaff Secure, Niall can provide expert advice on all aspects of temporary security schemes.

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