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HS Security is the security division of Hill and Smith Holdings PLC. With a wealth of industry experience spanning over two decades, the security companies who make up HS Security pride themselves on being a trusted security partner.

As world-leaders in truly innovative physical security engineering, and with a global reach powered by strong partnerships; customers are safe in the knowledge that wherever they are, and whatever their demand, HS Security will deliver the most cutting-edge, effective and appropriate security solution every time.

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About Us

Our Mission

HS Security is a prestigious group of companies specialising in highly advanced physical security solutions. This includes products for temporary and permanent security in both urban and industrial environments.

As world-leaders in truly innovative, physical security engineering with a global reach; customers know that wherever they are, and whatever their demand, HS Security can deliver cutting-edge security solutions.

The international terrorism threat is constantly developing, presenting major challenges for governments and law enforcement agencies globally. The companies within HS Security work directly alongside these organisations to develop the latest innovations to ensure people, assets and perimeters are protected.

Our Origins

HS Security is the security division of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC, the origins of which reach back to its founding in 1824. Steel and manufacturing are at the heart of everything they do, and Hill & Smith has unrivalled and rich experience in both manufacturing and the supply and design of products for safety and security into many different market sectors.

Hill & Smith Holdings PLC is well known for continually developing a wide variety of innovative solutions to meet changing global infrastructure demands. These solutions have set the industry benchmark and are acclaimed and specified worldwide.

Hill & Smith acquires businesses that share their entrepreneurial mindset, passion for engineering and commitment to exceptional customer service. The companies who form HS Security are no exception and work with global clients as security partners – not just suppliers – providing the exceptional service and pioneering engineering that drives industry-leading security solutions.

By remaining true to these values, Hill & Smith is proud to have curated a portfolio of prestigious companies that are unified in their approach and dedicated to delivery.


The layers and complexities of each individual security project demands a specialist team of experts in every aspect of physical security. The strength of HS Security being the partnerships between the companies involved, providing market leading, advanced physical security solutions across a wide range of applications. The security division holds the expertise, experience and professionalism required to deliver a successful security scheme.

Working closely with clients and key stakeholder groups, HS Security guarantees a security specification that is operationally effective, meets aesthetic requirements and delivers exceptional results.

Partnership with HS Security guarantees that engineers, designers and after-sale technicians are available to seamlessly assist clients with security objectives from start to finish.


Adding value and maximising client investment underpins HS Security’s approach to customer service. It is important to be mindful of a security product’s lifecycle and how to get the most benefit from this lifecycle for as long as possible.

HS Security can offer peace of mind with proactive service and maintenance regimes which can prolong lifespan and enhance performance, ensuring that products are operational 24/7, 365 days a year.

HS Security works closely with clients for the duration of their product lifecycle, with engineers available should on-demand service be needed. Although product lifecycles range between ten to fifteen years, changes in site dynamics or security threats may alter how security systems are used. Working alongside a security partner will ensure that security continues to be effective and that changes can be accommodated if required.

For many companies, an appropriate security scheme is a significant investment requiring commitment from several stakeholders. Teaming up with a single security provider for an extended period can be more cost effective, streamlining strategy and operations to avoid the potential costs of changing an unsuitable or, short-lived solution.


With access to a pool of extensive security engineering knowledge across the HS Security division, the proposition is unique in the security industry.

With a precise eye on market demand and an unrivalled product development record, HS Security is trusted to engineer and innovate physical security products that work for a global clientele. Through anticipating and responding to emerging security threats and a dedication to taking on ambitious customer projects, HS Security has positioned itself at the forefront of security engineering innovation.

HS Security products are rigorously tested to international impact test standards (IWA 14, PAS 170, PAS 68, ASTM & LPS 1175). A total of over 150 impact tests and over 100 forced entry tests have been undertaken since inception in 2006; providing clients with robust, effective and reliable security solutions.

With highly experienced teams of in-house engineers, no scheme is too complicated to tackle. The engineering brains of HS Security thrive on providing solutions to problems that keep people and property protected.



Bristorm is a Hill & Smith Limited brand and is the founding member of HS Security. They launched in 2005 in conjunction with the UK government’s call to industry to produce the first round of impact tested products to PAS 68 in response to terrorist intelligence.

Exclusively specialising in the development of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions and anti-ram products, including emergency gates and wire-rope fencing systems; solutions are designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure and crowded locations from vehicle borne attacks.

Hill and Smith first opened its doors for business in 1824 and has a long, deep-rooted history in the West Midlands where, they still reside today. With exceptional manufacturing capabilities, coupled with meticulous health and safety practises, Hill & Smith continue to go above and beyond to ensure they can fulfil the changing demands of the global security markets.

Now partnering with the other six HS Security companies; the security division is able to offer an enviable suite of third-party accredited products to the Global security market.

Barkers Fencing

Barkers Fencing were acquired by Hill & Smith in 1987. Many years later, they joined forces with Bristorm to form HS Security in 2005. This followed on from Barkers releasing their first, tested fencing system – the StronGuard™. The innovation was born via a customer approach by an Australian company. The requirement was for a fencing system, able to withstand force attacks to protect a mineral mine in Papa New Guinea. Once developed, the StronGuard™ fencing system attracted the attention of the UK government as a solution for high security sites in the UK.

Fifteen years on, Barkers Fencing now have the widest range of forced entry tested and impact tested fencing systems. These systems are supplied for the protection of critical national infrastrture and high value assets from intruders and vehicle borne attackers. Working in collaboration with the Loss Prevention Certification Board, all Barkers Fencing products intended for high security sites are third party accredited to LPS 1175 or vehicular impact test standards.

Hardstaff Barriers

Hardstaff Barriers was formed in 1993 in Kingston-on-Soar, Nottingham, following a management buyout in 2015. The business was sold to Hill & Smith Holdings PLC who operated it as a standalone subsidiary in May 2016, and from 2019 is now a division of Hill and Smith Ltd.

Hardstaff Barriers manufacture & deploy temporary and permanent barrier systems. Sectors served for protection and delineation include Construction, Highways, Aviation, Nuclear & Ports. As the UK market leader in event Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and perimeter security, Hardstaff Barriers have the contract for the National Barrier Asset. This serves both the UK & Dutch Governments.

The business prides itself on a strong safety culture and record, which contributes to the passion, advocacy, and loyalty of their clients who include Police Forces, National Counter Terrorism Police Headquarters, The Security Services and Major Event providers. Some of these include the Construction Clients, Highways Maintenance providers and Nuclear Power clients, who treat Hardstaff as their preferred supplier and partner of choice.

ATG Access

ATG Access Ltd came into fruition in 1991 following a management buyout. After spending ten years developing and innovating industry leading, physical security solutions and establishing over 30 export markets, the business was sold to Hill & Smith Holdings PLC in 2019.

Specialising in certified, practical and bespoke vehicle barrier systems for any site from car parks to national sports stadiums. These state-of-the-art, perimeter security solutions expertly protect people and property and are revolutionising the physical security industry.

ATG Access still prides itself today on producing security solutions which are innovated by a passionate and award-winning engineering team. This supported by a dynamic business culture which has been empowering employees for the last thirty years allows ideas to grow and innovation to prevail.

ATG Access exists to ensure that clients are not just getting ‘one-size fits all’ security commodities. Solutions consider realistic threat profiles and operational requirements whilst not compromising on site aesthetics. A turnkey approach means that products are not just supplied and forgotten about. Clients have the reassurance of technical support pre and post-sale, an aftersales and service team who operate globally and a set of experienced project managers able to oversee installation and commissioning.

Parking Facilities

Established in 2000, Parking Facilities became the sixth member of HS Security after being acquired by Hill and Smith PLC in September 2019.

Specialising in automation, Parking Facilities design and manufacture a wide range of gates, barriers, turnstiles, and road blockers to control ingress and egress of pedestrians and vehicles to secure client sites.

Based in Tamworth, Staffordshire, a sixty-five thousand square feet manufacturing facility enables the company to offer bespoke products and finishes to meet customers’ requirements.

Parking Facilities have invested heavily in their control panel technology to ensure that access control equipment can be programmed to suit any form of access control requirement. They have also invested heavily in aluminium extrusions to improve the aesthetics and longevity of automatic gates and barriers.

With a keen eye on refining quality management processes to ensure that standards keep pace with expectations; Parking Facilities are committed to strengthening relationships with their customers through product and service excellence.

Berry Systems

Established in 1971, with almost half a century of experience to call upon, Berry Systems has the expertise and knowledge to provide a range of solutions across a variety of sectors.

Specialising in the design, supply, and installation of a wide portfolio of products, Berry Systems keeps customers at the forefront of technological advances that ensure facilities are equipped to meet the challenges of the future.

Berry Systems provide turnkey solutions; seamlessly integrating security schemes, working with other HS Security companies to ensure that the architectural aspirations of each project are maintained, and that product operation fits with site requirements.

Berry Systems became part of Hill & Smith Holdings PLC in 1999 and part of HS Security in 2020. As the installation arm of HS Security, Berry’s bring together all the high-quality products that the division manufactures to provide integrated measures, while giving clients a single point of support and confidence in site security performance.

Security Experts

Niall Griffin
Niall Griffin
Temporary Security Expert
Russell Ridgway
Russell Ridgway
Critical National Infrastructure Security Expert (Industrial)
Kathryn Cooper
Kathryn Cooper
Civil Nuclear & Energy Security Expert
Tabu Chanda
Tabu Chanda
Data Centre Security Expert

Case Studies

Read more about some of our past projects and see the types of solutions we provide to meet different security objectives.

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