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Physical Security Checklist

The core, underlying principles of a holistic, security methodology are to consider three things in approach to any security scheme and ensure that these three elements work together effectively. The three main elements are physical, personnel and cyber. This handy checklist will help to identify your security objectives.

HS Security concentrates on providing solutions for ‘Physical Security’ only but, this must be considered in context with cyber and personnel security if appropriate.

To achieve a successful security scheme, an advisor, normally a security consultant working with you will identify any perceived weakness within your protective security measures if your site already exists. If the site is completely new, they will identify all the possible vulnerabilities which will need to be addressed within the design and build of new critical national infrastructure or public realm.

Understanding your security methodology will equip you with the knowledge to look critically at existing and proposed security measures. This will ensure your chosen protective security measures are fit for purpose and proportionate to the threats you face.

Within the three different strands of security measures – Physical, Personnel and Cyber there are three addressing principles to consider which are applicable to all:

Physical Security Checklist

Bridging the gap between the recognition of a security requirement or security threat to the implementation of security products and services can be tricky or daunting.

With so much to consider and many potential complexities, it is difficult to know where to even start when applying physical security principles.

In a bid to clear the confusion, HS Security has put together a physical Security checklist to guide the various considerations which need to take place when embarking on a physical security project.

These steps are applicable whatever the threat; bio-chemical, hostile vehicle, vehicle-borne improvised explosives or forced entry and can be applied to security fit-outs for existing infrastructure or new builds.

Download our checklist below, which aims to clear the confusion and guide the various considerations which need to take place when embarking on a physical security project. Get in touch if you would like to talk through your physical security requirements.

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    Having worked within the construction industry for over twenty years; Paul has always been in customer facing roles which have required a high level of engagement and interface with design and specification. This has meant working closely with designers and architects to ensure that solutions being provided meet stringent aesthetic requirements.

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