THE CLIENT:Multiple – Middle East
LOCATION:United Arab Emirates
THE BRIEF:Areas of the UAE have undergone regeneration and transformation over the last ten years in order to be able to support booming tourism and growth in a number of different industries. Vast industrial hubs have been created along with long perimeters of airside space supporting international airports acting as gateways to both Europe and South East Asia. Hotels and public realm have been designed and modelled to support cutting edge tourism; high grade restaurants and attractions.
Site Characteristics:

Site Characteristics:

On a global stage, attracting tourism and industry from around the world means that an element of thought needed to be placed into securing both urban regeneration and booming industrial areas.

With many sites being created on an astronomic scale, cost-effective and practical security solutions needed to be considered.

With the region attracting cutting edge architecture and new, prestigious buildings; urban security needed to be planned careful so as not to infringe world renowned building design.



The UAE region was not so used to security measures within the public realm as the UK or the USA who have a long history of bollard installation and vehicle barrier systems.

Ensuring that customers were provided with the right security solution for their application was of paramount importance to members of HS Security.

Impact test standards utilised within the UAE are heavily influenced by Both British and American standards meaning there was a need to try and help harmonise standards being used to ensure the right protection level was supplied.



Working through local partnerships and our manufacturing plant in Abu Dhabi, HS Security were able to supply several industrial and urban security projects within the Middle East to support growth in industry and tourism.

Through local partners, fencing solutions have been supplied to sites across the region, for almost 10 years. With one of the most robust HVM perimeter security portfolios on the market, hundreds of meters of fencing have been supplied to high security sites requiring zero penetration from a vehicle during impact.

Solutions have been provided to secure oil and gas stations and manufacturing facilities storing high value assets. International airport perimeters have also been secured with meters of fences and bollards to protect against hostile vehicle attacks.

Hotels and the public realm have utilised shallow foundation bollards and automatic bollards to secure entire areas and have worked with members of HS Security to design custom sleeves to blend security measures into the surrounding environment.

Road blockers and gates have also been utilised to secure private client sites which need to restrict access to vehicles and pedestrians.

The mixture of pre-project and sale advice being able to be provided locally to companies in the UAE, having a regional manufacturing facility and partners able to represent HS Security’s product portfolio; the widest product portfolio on in today’s perimeter security industry has meant that clients keep coming back to the group of companies. Delivery innovative British engineering around the globe.

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