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Security Standards E-Book

The Security Standards Guide

This guide has been put together by our team of physical security experts to help you get a better understanding of the various security standards and specifications that you will commonly come across. This will help you better understand the products that you will be using to secure your site or asset. This will empower you to make the best decisions when developing a high-security scheme.

Our Background In Security

HS Security is a division of Hill of Smith PLC; made up of seven companies, all specialising in highly advanced, physical security solutions for both temporary and permanent requirements. The real power behind HS Security is an extensive, third party accredited product portfolio delivered by award-winning engineers. HS Security’s wealth of security sector experience spans over two decades and is unique to the industry.

Security Standards Covered In The Guide

PAS 68 PAS 68 is a British, ‘Publicly Available Specification’ (PAS) for impact testing and rating hostile vehicle mitigation products such as bollards, blockers and barriers used for security and counter-terrorism purposes.

IWA 14-1 – International crash test standard for testing vehicle security barriers.

PAS 170 – Low-speed impact testing utilising a trolley system as a test method for bollards.

LPS 1175 – Standard for testing the resistance of wide a range of physical security products against unauthorised access.

Why Security Standards Are Important

When it comes to protecting assets, people, and critical national infrastructure, there is a wide range of threats posed by today’s increasingly sophisticated criminals and terrorists. How can we be sure of the performance of security equipment if attacked?

Would it guarantee the time/delay needed to thwart the severity of the tools and efforts employed by a hostile perpetrator or gang?

When it comes to physical security there are a number of standards for measuring the performance of security products. It is vital that when designing a security scheme, measures being put into place are certified and third-party accredited, proven to withstand simulated attacks.

In this guide we will be taking you through four of the major security standards you should look for when designing a security scheme, whether you are mitigating terrorists, intruders, or criminal attacks.

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    Niall Griffin

    Temporary Security Expert

    Starting out in 1988 in conference policing, Niall has worked in the policing and temporary security sector for over 30 years. Bringing with him, extensive experience from a multitude of different perspectives and disciplines including as a Counter Terrorism Security Co-Ordinator for the Sussex Police. Now part of the HS Security team and the General Manager of Hardstaff Secure, Niall can provide expert advice on all aspects of temporary security schemes.

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